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Tree Toucan House: Buy it now!
Tree Tops Bungalow: Buy it now!
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Rainforest Cabin
Casita: 2-bedroom open concept cabin

If you have ever dreamed about living in Belize – where the weather is warm year round, the pace of life is slow, and the people friendly – our 132-acre eco-community in Belize might be exactly what you are seeking. Take a gander at these beautifully built homes for sale at Better in Belize EcoVillage in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo District.

If your fantasies feature swinging in a hammock in the tropics, we’ve gotta talk! Maybe you’re seeking a lifestyle change and want to go off-the-grid in Belize. Or you’re tired of Roundup in your cornflakes. Or just tired of cornflakes. Perhaps, you’re antsy about The Donald or nervous about Hillary. Or you’re ready to retire your long underwear. Or just ready to retire. And for the Canadians in our midst, maybe Justin just isn’t your “cuppa thé”, eh? Whatever the reason, come join the 100+ owners who have already bought at our über-groovy eco-village in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

These houses for sale at Better In Belize EcoVillage have been built by experienced Belizean construction crews. Each one of them has been carefully designed and constructed.

The Toucan House is a beautifully designed, 2-storey home in Belize situated on 1.01 acres on Toucan Trail, close to the entrance of our Belize eco-community. This 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom Belize rainforest hideaway would suit a large family or be perfect as a Bed & Breakfast or small lodge.

Tree Tops is a cozy 3-bedroom Raised Bungalow located close to the organic gardens of this Belize EcoVillage. This Belize Cabin can serve as a great getaway retreat or as a investment property for rental income.

For further information, email us or call us toll-free at 1-877-836-2756.

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