If you’re thinking of throwing your hat into the ring (or, at least, a horseshoe or two at our community horseshoe pit where lots of laughter already hangs in the ether) and buy at Better in Belize, these words are for you.

We’re a small – but growing – community of diversified people who share a common passion. Conserve and preserve Mother Earth today for tomorrow and the generations that follow. Our kids. Your kids. And grand kids still to come.

Live in a place of great promise and beauty with amazing and interesting neighbours – doctors, carpenters, architects, artists, musicians – whose talents and interests will enhance your life and the lives of your family and friends. Just as you, your friends and family will enhance our lives and the lives of our family and friends.

We have to toot our own horn here, so here goes. Toot! Toot! We are one cool group of people – Canadians, Americans and Europeans, so far – but we welcome singles, couples and families from anywhere and everywhere. We’ve all got something to learn and stuff to teach. We hope you’ll join us at Better in Belize for a lifetime of rich and wonderful experiences.

Make a drum. Build a canoe. Design a garden bench. Scale a peak. Learn a language. Teach a language. Forge a river. Work your magic. Live the dream. Make it yours.

Astronomy: The International Dark Sky Association rates Belize as a super place to stargaze!

Bird watching: Start a checklist of Yucatan nightjars, cuckoos, pygmy owls, parakeets and more!

Crafts: Learn and teach arts and crafts – cooking classes, canning techniques and more!

Dabble in art: Create a masterpiece. Write a best-selling novel. Invent something amazing!

Eating: Latino chimole. Mayan caldo. Garifuna hudut. Look ’em up and cook ’em up!

Fruit Orchards: Nurture pineapple, plantain and banana trees. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Gardening: Our community gardens welcome green thumbs and seasoned gardeners!

Horseback riding: Trot over to the Martz farm next door for a gallop off-the-beaten track!

Ignite your life: Add spark, passion, meaning and purpose to your life!

Join in: Reach out and extend yourself to the incredible community around you!

Kayaking: Head onto the Macal for an afternoon of stroking in the sun!

Live music: Strike up a jam session with neighbouring guitarists and drummers!

Medicinal Plants: Identify, propagate and cultivate Maya medicinal plants!

Nap: Grab a snooze in your hammock. Fall asleep to birdsong!

Outdoor Movies: Enjoy movies under the stars with friends and family!

Potluck Dinners: Partake of community in all the best ways possible – by breaking bread together!

Quietude: Revel in the silence.

Reforestation: Dive in to the joys of tree planting and sustainable forestry!

Swimming: Kick up your heels in the Mighty Macal!

Trekking: Pack a picnic lunch and trek into the Mayan Mountains. Don’t forget your camera!

Up, up and away! Climb to the top of Rainbow’s Roost, our ridgeview lookout.

Veg out and enjoy the silence!

Waterfall and Wildlife Hiking Tour: What amazing animals and birds will you spot today?

Xylology: Learn new skills. Share your knowledge. Light a candle!

Year Round Food Production and Tropical Agriculture: Grow your own fresh fruits and veggies!

Zen: Say no more.

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