belize eco communityBetter in Belize is more than just land for sale in Belize. It is fertile ground for many progressive spirits that respect nature and love the environment: The DIY aficionado, the eco freak, the real food enthusiast, the frugal homesteader, the natural health fan, the tree hugger, the self-sufficiency practitioner, the organic gardening hobbyist/survivalist, the renewable energy fan, the escape artist, the nature lover; and on and on… It all gracefully fits at this humble eco village in Belize, Central America – two hours flight from Miami. With all of our knowledge combined, we’ll teach each other how to be more sustainable every day. Can you imagine a beach property in the Belize jungle? Just down from our Belize eco-village, you’ll discover a magical beach property tucked into the Belize jungle. Enjoy wiser living.

Be Around Like Minds
It takes a certain type to find themselves in a place like this. If you join the neighborhood, then that’s your type of people! You will find less of the self-absorbed, opportunist rat-race type and more of your own. Among fellow pioneers, you will find support, empathy, camaraderie, and understanding. We are all in this together and we know it.

The types here have a concern for the earth and pay attention to many of the same matters as all green-minded folks. That being said, there is much to talk about. It’s a big concern. Green-minded folks often have similar tastes in music, art, books, shows, tips, projects, motivations, heroes, collections, food and the list goes on. By nature though, due to the curiosity found in these circles there will be plenty of novelty introduced by new members. There will be no lack in inspiring each other.

Live In The 4th Happiest Country On Earth
After living here a bit, you won’t need the proof below to validate the positive energy here. When you live like you are retired, have strong familial/communal bonds, have cheap food, live slower, have more personal freedom, have less commercialism making you feel inadequate, have less of a fear-based culture; well, could this lead to possibly more satisfaction? Having less variety doesn’t seem to affect the happiness here. Freedom is more than choosing between Coke and Pepsi. They only have Coke here.


Know Your Food Better
The chemical companies haven’t penetrated the food supply as much as countries North of here. It’s not lucrative enough to focus on this tiny nation of 350,000. Of course, you can find plenty of imported junk food or farms that still use pesticides, but Belize is like North America in the 60’s where many products are still very simple. It is small enough where you know where to go for quality food. The food supply hasn’t been as penetrated with chemicals. You will find that there are many domestic food products with very short, easily read, ingredients lists. The farmers market thrives here too. You can find fresh vegetables all the time and in conjunction with our community gardens and gardens of your own, you will know your food very well. Healthy living is natural here.

Showcase To The World
Learn to live greener here. The more of us that live here, and the longer we do it, will showcase to the world a viable option to living in eco villages. We hope to inspire more and teach them what we’ve learned.

Escape The Rat Race
Life is slower here in Belize. There is less complication. The hyperactive work day is not as common as in the industrialized nations. The frenzy of obligations is not as intense. You’ll have this when you scale town a nation’s population. Personal freedoms grow as you exit the entrapment of the hustle and bustle.

Purer Air & Water
Distilled water is the cleanest water you can acquire. This low-populated, rural nation precipitates clean water. Rain is distilled water. There is no fluoride or chlorine in it. Once the water is caught on the roof is the moment it becomes less clean. Our roofs are under a jungle canopy so there is little to clean, though we take some pretty thorough measures to filter it.

The air is clean in this jungle too. There is plenty of oxygen to go around when you live in a densely forested old jungle that filters the air that goes into your lungs. Traffic, industry and pollutants are far away.

Live Off-Grid & Sustainably
At Better in Belize, you will always have a place that requires very little of the outside world infrastructure. Rainwater harvesting, gardens, solar power and a growing community covers the fundamentals in life. With the pursuit of these basics aside, you can follow your bliss and worry little about the state of the global economy. This lifestyle of treading lightly may be the key to happiness. This is how the locals live. It has been reported that Belize is the 4th happiest nation on earth. K.I.S.S. is the lesson of the day.

Enjoy Warmer Weather
Put your parka away and buy a hammock. This is a Caribbean nation. You can enjoy all the offerings of the island lifestyle only a few hours away from the eco village. Or you can enjoy the eco-tourism offerings inland in these foothills.

Live In A Healthier Environment
In summary, with access to purer air, water and food… in conjunction with a lower stress lifestyle and a home that is built with less chemicals; it is easy to say that life will be healthier.

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