It’s more than just landing a piece of beautiful Belizean real estate. To have a successful Belize eco community, many wonderful characteristics evolve. We’re proud of all the features we’ve developed in our effort to march toward a permaculture community. Please consider these factors when you are pondering how to choose an eco-village.

We Like Share What We Learn

We know we are pioneers. There is no perfect plan that has been proven yet, so we exercise plenty of trial and error. We experiment, we research and we make attempts. When we succeed, the village knows it and we all share the knowledge. This may be gardening tips, rain harvesting designs, solar power configurations, vehicle setup, useful websites and so on. Onward and together, we grow.

We Like To Share Rides

Better in Belize EcoVillage is 10.5 miles from the nearest store. That’s a 1/2-hour drive on average and a 20 mile round trip. We try to save on petroleum products, emissions and wear & tear by asking each other who needs what. Eventually, we will have our own micro-social network so we can ask each other the same thing online. Of course, we give each other rides into town and back too.

Being good neighbors to the locals, we often pick up the occasional hitch-hiker and let them jump into the truck bed. This may alarm the average American, but it is a way of life here. It’s safe, enjoyable and easy. Belizeans are friendly, hard-working and grateful people. Every once in a while, Better in Belize EcoVillagers will also jump in the back of a local’s pickup truck too. It’s the greener and cheaper way to go…

By Nature, We Are A Low Light Community

When you are off-grid and watching your watts, outdoor lights go out at night. Sure we have outdoor lights, but we try to mount them in a way that it doesn’t blast your neighbor when you take your dog out at night or bring home the week’s supplies past sundown.

We Like To Discuss Green Topics

This is an eco village. The common denominator between us owners is ecology. We respect the environment enough to choose to invest in a place that is considered an environmental option, to say the least. Given we have some green information in our minds, and often at the tip of our tonques, we like to share our thoughts of environmentalism between ourselves.

We’re All Connected Online, Wherever On Earth We May Be

Better in Belize EcoVillage is young. Many have purchased, many have planned, many have begun designs and a few have moved in. Nonetheless, sharing has commenced full-force online through our private group on Facebook. Many questions, tips, photos and comments volley through here. If we don’t know, we ask each other. Answers come from people living a Better in Belize EcoVillage as well as people in their homes, offices and on their mobile devices world wide.

We Do What We Can To Tread Lightly

The home designs here celebrate a minimal footprint compared to North American homes. We respect and celebrate the tiny house, but we also understand that this is not for every person’s tastes. We know that Better in Belize EcoVillage is a long way down a jungle road in a developing nation, far away from people’s families, sources of income and first world comforts. This limits the pool on who can actually set themselves up to live here. We must respect diversity or universal lessons aren’t heeded.

We Have Wicked Potluck Gathering

We’re not sure why, but when potluck meals occur the spread is premium. Food is found to be very delicious. The simplicity of a small country with fewer options doesn’t seem to slow down the talent that brings a slew of delicious variety to the table.

We Like To Experiment To Improve

The ecovillage beacon brings inquisitive minds who are very often willing to test their curiosity. So many experiments go into the community garden, home design, lifestyle approaches, spirituality practices, diets, small business ventures, hobbies or even vehicle improvement. It’s fun to be fearless. It’s thrilling to be surrounded in such a tinkering culture.

There’s Talent In These Here Hills

Along with the nature of those who are drawn to such an exotic, unprescribed place come skills. Across the board owners and neighbors unveil their hidden talents like singing, cooking, firespinning, music, art, programming, gardening, carpentry, photography, yoga, pilates, design, fabrication, entertainment, healing, storytelling, and so on. If you’re scrutinizing this site, chances are that you have talent to contribute to the energy level here.

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