better in belize mountain views Picture this. You. Solo or with someone you love. Maybe your entire family. Living in the Belize rainforest with some of the coolest people on the planet. Our owners range from doctors to designers to healers to life coaches to bankers to photographers to technicians to musicians to yogis… to journalists… to architects… to dentists… to teachers… to realtors… to writers… to entrepreneurs… to nurses… to gardeners… to great cooks… to not-so-great-cooks… to wildlife enthusiasts… to explorers… to amateur astronomers… to ornithologists… to Canadians… to Americans… to Australians…. to Europeans… to omnivores…to vegetarians… to vegans… to the avid, the curious, the intrepid, the creative, the dedicated, the brilliant, the questing, the mindful, the grateful – spanning generations, zip codes and continents to gather together under the rainforest canopy of our spectacular Ecovillage in Belize. We hope you’ll join us. Buy a lot today… and build on it in the future.

Morning Fitness, Coffee or Meditations
Mornings are quiet and perfect to ease into the day with a morning walk or run, for example. Meditate or yoga to a sun salute with the rest of the jungle that starts to stir as soon as the sun rises. You’ll often hear the howler monkeys trigger the rest of the jungle into gleeful sounds of a new day. Besides the monkeys the most active animals are the birds cawing, cackling and squawking; and the various insects that chirp, whirl and squeak. Don’t worry, they’re not interested in you. You’ll find that most everything tries to wander away from you if you run into something in close proximity.

Fire up that coffee or tea and ease into breakfast before your work day – if you work for a living like the locals. Construction workers trickle in and the place comes really alive as you see the progress in action.

Saturday Market In Town
The earlier the better for Saturday farmer’s market in San Ignacio Town, about an hour from Better in Belize. This is where you get the best deals on the freshest produce. You’ll see all your friends there from around the country and Better in Belize. It’s the place to be. Prices are low and the energy level is high.

Quiet Sunday Mornings
Sunday will not only be quiet in the mornings, but it will all day long. We refrain from contributing to noise pollution as homage to our jungle and respect to our neighbors. We don’t forget why many have come here.

Walking To The Neighbors
Why drive when you can walk. Life is slower in Belize. What’s the hurry. The body was designed to move so give it what it wants, save fuel/emissions and absorb the nature of things. Chill out with neighbors who have so much in common with you thanks to the pattern of interests found in people drawn to eco villages.

Watching the Wildlife
The peaceful experience of gazing at the business of other species is addictive here. This is a part of life here. Nobody has television here yet. Some say this is their reality show; nature. It’s more real than anything that can be created by producers. From the determination of the ants to the chaos of the squirrel pheasants, nature has much to impress you here.

“I must go to Nature disarmed of perspective and stretch myself like a large transparent canvas upon her in the hope that, my submission being perfect, the imprint of a beautiful and useful truth would be taken.” ~JOHN UPDIKE, The Centaur

Homesteading & Improvements
This labor of love will never end, though you can always put it off until tomorrow. You’ll be inspired by all the DIY projects you can take on here. Thanks to websites like Pinterest or Instructables, you’ll never be short of ideas. Thanks to continual ideas exchanged with your neighbors, you may even find that bump of motivation to get it started.

Checking Out The Garden Goodies
As the garden grows, this will be a way of life. So many fruits, veggies, herbs and spices in the garden that pop up at different times. There have been many meals that have been almost completely taken from the lush, jungle grounds here. There will be many more.

If the meals you make get boring, come find inspiration here at our “milpa” (Spanish for small garden). Maybe you can contribute your green thumb too? There will be opportunities. Come dig in with us!

Starting A Business: Online or Offline
Both Better in Belize and Belize have potential. With this comes opportunity. When there is a vacuum in the goods and services out there, opportunity is created. Better in Belize is an emerging community, but it will grow into a community with needs that will need filling. Belize is small, and you will see there is much that it needs as well. You’ll notice all these needs with any amount of time spent here.

Wandering To The River
This is a wonderful escape to just get away and forget what you’ve got on your plate. There’s nothing to pull your headspace back into your task list. There’s no Internet or cell phone signal down in the river valley. It’s just you and nature. She will distract you with her majestic views of cliffs, waterfalls, jungle and, of course, the mighty and beautiful Macal River.

Befriending The Locals
Warm, friendly, and welcoming; they have so much to teach. They’re not as distracted with the pace and culture of the modern world and still pay attention to the rhythms of nature. Many hold on to jungle wisdom of weather detection, full moon planning, medicinal plants and food foraging. They’ll teach you that you can never starve in the rainforest. The jungle provides.

Winding Down To Dinner And Movies
The sun comes down early at this latitude. Things begin to get quieter and still. The sun reminds you that it may be close to time to get started on dinner. You will tend to live with the pace of the sun. This may be because the jungle environment here supersedes the developed environment. You’ll also notice the moon is powerfully bright here. The International Dark Sky Association rates Belize as a super place to stargaze. You’ll see constellations you never knew existed!

You may have friends and neighbors over, or you may just relax in your own quiet home. You’ll find yourself collecting movies on your laptop instead of streaming Netflix. Time to kick in on Skype to connect with friends and family afar. Quiet evenings unless there’s a party! Then there is music, singing, food, spirits, great conversation and whatever comes up!

Come Share our Sunsets
There’s only one way to see our spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Book a visit, contact us today!

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