Better In Belize
Bayleaf Cabana

Better In Belize Bayleaf Cabana

Lower Living Area of Belize Bayleaf Cabana: 363 sq. ft
L-shaped side/back deck: approx. 16’x8’x16’x7’ – outdoor living in Belize is the best!
Palapa Covered Front Deck: 7’8”x5’4″
Belizean Thatch Roof over Front and Back Deck


Project categories: Belize Eco Home

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Front view of Bay Leaf Cabin at Better In Belize
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Better In Belize Bayleaf Cabana
Bay Leaf Cabana at Better In Belize
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Side view of outside of cabana with jungle canopy
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Fully completed deck of cabana
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Countertops on kitchen island
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Hardwood furniture for the deck of this quaint cabana
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Bathroom fully completed with tiles and shower
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Bathroom shower beautifully done with glass tiles
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Full view of kitchen of Bay Leaf Cabana
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All hardwood flooring installed and varnished
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Glass sliding doors installed
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Beautiful hardwood floors installed on this cabin
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View from kitchen to the outside rainforest of Better In Belize
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Side view of interior bathroom of Bay Leaf Cabana
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Kitchen cabinets being installed on this cabana at Better In Belize

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