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Belize Vacation Rentals

Looking for a Belize property that can generate rental revenue? We've got 'em!

Tree Tops is a cozy 3-bedroom Belize Vacation Rental which is located in our 130-acre magical rainforest eco-community in Western Belize. Located close to the  community gardens in our Ecovillage, this compact cabin makes a great getaway retreat for anyone seeking a Belize vacation home for rent.  Equipped with solar power, this raised bungalow could accommodate up to 6 people. Flanked by a covered front porch and side deck, your rental guests can enjoy outdoor dining year-round while surrounded by birdsong! This property represents a superb Belize vacation rental for adventurers, archeologists, astronomers, birders, cavers, hikers, or anyone who wants to experience the beauty and glory of the Belize rainforest! Email us for more info about how you can buy this Belize rental property.

The Toucan House is a warm and welcoming 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom vacation rental in Belize. It is located on a large 1.01-acre property on Toucan Trail, close to the entrance of our Belize eco-community. With 5 bedrooms to rent, this Belize rental property could accommodate up to 11 people for large-group rentals. Option to rent individual rooms for singles and couples too! The Toucan House is a very unique Belize vacation rental - a really cool off-grid home located in a super scenic eco-village in the foothills of the Maya Mountains in Belize. What's stopping you? Put your plans to own a Belize rental property into action today. Email us for more info about how you can buy this Belize property!

Potlucks at Better In Belize

Community News

A nearby "convenience" store is now open for business about 2 miles down the road from us along Mollejon/Hydro Road! Elizabeth, the proprietor, sells basic necessities. A welcome addition to the neighbourhood!
The old chicken coop in the milpa has been resurrected as a dog park. Hot diggety dog!! 
Community events include house parties and potlucks with alternating hosts and hostesses. Fun for everyone (delicious too)! Hope you can join us for our next full-moon bonfire. BYOM (Bring Your Own Marshmallows)! 

Ripe for the picking! As home gardens continue to take root and grow, residents share plants, cuttings and growing tips!

Cash in on Discounted Price
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Purchase this property by July 1, 2018 and get a $10,000.00 USD savings. Currently listed at $149,000.00 USD, Bayleaf Cabana is an ideal property for rental revenue. Find Out More!
Better In Belize Featured Lot

Reserve this lot now (before someone else does)!

Grand lot 3/4 of an acre, in a great location in the community along Toucan Trail. Some clearing done; the lot has a series of terraces depending on where you want to build on this lot. The front has a flatter profile and then slopes up at about a 15-degree pitch, but if you want seclusion and to be tucked away, this lot is for you. It has some nice hardwoods like bull hoof trees, sapodilla and black poisonwood. There are some limestone boulders on the property. Solar exposure of about 6 hours daily. Easy stroll to the Community Gardens.

Like to reserve Lot #6? Email us.

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Belize Immigration is on the move!
The Belize Department of Immigration and Nationality Services office has relocated to Mountain View Boulevard in Belmopan City. To get there, simply take a turn off the Main Ring Road at the Shell Gas Station, take the first right and continue for a couple of blocks. You will see the new office on the left beside a supermarket.

Please note that, for visa renewals, the cashier is open Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and 8:00 am to 3:30 pm on Fridays. Telephone numbers are 501-822-3860/822-0284 and Fax numbers are 501-822-2662/501-822-0278.

Foreign visitors are encouraged to contact the Belmopan Main Office to make an appointment. They do process walk-ins by priority sequence based on arrival so wait times are an unknown factor. Save time and aggravation. Make an appointment for your next visa renewal when renewing for the current month. The visa extension fee is $50 BZ if you have been in Belize for less than a year; thereafter, the fee is $100 BZ per month.

Email us to find out more about Belize residency options! 
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Belize Gentle Sea Cows
Spotlight on Belize's Gentle Sea Cows
The skeleton of a manatee's flipper is uncannily akin to that of the human hand. Their flippers are super important as they are used for swimming, walking on the bottom, and picking things up! Down by their tail along the spine, there is a vestige of a pelvic girdle. So, at one time manatees were land animals that migrated to the water. Over 45 million years, they lost their ability to use their feet!
These warm-blooded mammals "could love you to death". They process information and are blessed with logical thinking. They are not aggressive and are super friendly. Manatees have good eyesight and hearing under water, but are vulnerable to injuries sustained by boats and propellers. Manatees hear at a higher frequency than the lower frequency emitted by boat motors. Sadly, recreational and commercial vessels are the worst threat to this endangered species. Their skin is very thin and delicate and a cut is exceedingly painful to them.
If you are boating in Belize coastal waters, canals, bays and river estuaries, please observe the posted speed zone signs in manatee areas. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the tell-tale signs of manatees in the water including "the manatee footprint". These are swirls created in the water by the manatee when they submerge and push water up. If you spot a manatee, observe from a distance. Manatees in Belize are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1981and hefty fines/imprisonment exist for anyone who molests or hunts manatees.
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