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Passion Fruit in Belize
If you're eager to join The Pot Revolution, groove with the pollinators and plant seedlings that beckon butterflies! Plant nectar plants in pots that are specific to the butterfly species "you want to call". Don't forget to pot up host plants too! Caterpillars gotta nosh! Did you know that 23 species of passionflowers grow in Belize? In addition to producing delicious fruit, Belize passionvine species are caterpillar food plants for some of Belize's most enchanting butterflies including the Zebra Longwing, Holstein, Juno Silverspot, Tiger Heliconian, and Dido Longwing species.

The large yellow fruit featured above are Golden Passion Fruit. They can grow to the size of grapefruits! The smaller, mottled passion fruit grows green on the vine until it ripens to a purplish hue when it drops to the ground, ready for consumption. The riper, wrinkled fruit purportedly has a higher sugar content, but that wasn't evident to our taste buds! Fast-growing passion fruit vines will bear fruit in 1 to 3 years. Plant now and enjoy the fruits of your labour! Enjoy the pulp fresh, as juice, or added to your favourite yoghurt. Passion fruit makes a delicious jam too! We've included a recipe below.

Laced with antioxidants, copper, fibre, flavonoids, iron, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, protein, riboflavin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, the health benefits of passion fruit are legendary. Eating this delicious tropical fruit may result in improved eyesight, better digestion, lower blood pressure, better circulation, improved bone mineral density, reduction of signs of premature aging, improved sleeping habits, and a lessening of inflammation in the body. Your taste buds will enjoy a taste sensation like no other, too!

If you're up to your ears in bad weather and are interested in moving to a tropical location where you can join The Pot Revolution year-round, our All-inclusive Buyer's Tours offer a great opportunity to experience the best of Belize at Better in Belize! We only have 20 or so lots still available for sale. When they're gone, they're gone!
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Tropical Milkweed
Palm Reading with Looey

Got a passion for gardening in Belize? A compendium of Belize plants reads like a Who's Who of Dr. Seuss characters! Give-and-Take Palm. Basket Tie-Tie Palm. Hot Lips. Dancing Girl Ginger. Rattleshaker. Stinking Toe. Pork and Dough Boy. Jackass Bitters. Piss-A-Bed. Dumbcane. Horseballs. Gumbo Limbo. Polly Red Head. Ah, yes, Polly Red Head aka Tropical Milkweed or Butterfly Bush. This is one of the top butterfly nectar flowers and is the larval host plant for Monarch caterpillars. Toxic pollen from genetically engineered crops has wiped out Monarch populations and their habitat. What can we do? Plant Polly Red Heads in your yard or garden to help restore the habitat of this beleaguered and beautiful butterfly species. These make great "pot plants" for your balcony or patio garden too!
Better in Belize Waterfront Home
waterfront home in Belize
Eva's Hideaway
Waterfront Lot #114
1.39-acre Lot

Take a gander at the latest house being built by Belizean builder, Jorge Rosales!

2,000 sq. ft. Home

2-1/2 Bath
Caretaker's Quarters Below
Combined Living/Kitchen Area

Adobe-coloured, all-concrete Home
Tiled, Wraparound Deck
Private Setting on a Lush Waterfront Lot

Take a peek at other homes that have been built in our Belize eco-village!
Forbes Ranks Belize in Top Places to Live Abroad
Monarch Butterflies in Belize

Join The Tremblays on their
Butterfly Odyssey...charting migration routes...planting butterfly gardens.....rearing caterpillars...and so much more!


This is a newborn male Monarch butterfly - only 15 minutes old! Male Monarchs are distinguished from their female counterparts by a black spot on each of their hindwings. If you look carefully at this picture, you can discern the black dot bleeding through on this close-winged butterfly. Females are spotless and it's not known why male Monarchs sport spots. Thanks to Grasshopper, our wise and patient friend,  for capturing the exquisite beauty of this imperiled species.

Merry Christmas
Belize Passion Fruit and Mango Jam Recipe

Candee's Easy Peasy
Mango and Passion Fruit Jam

1 passion fruit
1 cup mango
1 tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp water

1 tbsp Hot Mama's Belize Orange Blossom Honey

Add water to the chia seeds and let them sit to "bulk up" a bit. Mix the passion fruit and mango. Add Hot Mama's honey and chia seeds, and mix again. Then, place it in the fridge and let the jam sit for an hour. Delicious with Belizean Creole Bread! Or pop a dollop on frozen yoghurt!

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