Belize Eco Home

Better In Belize Yurt-inspired Home

“Casa Tabula Rasa” is an airy and bright inspirational design with a 360-degree expanse of windows to capture the rainforest breeze.

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Our round-shaped, sustainable off-grid house is a yurt-inspired but modernized completely-hardwood home. It is designed and built for the exact conditions that it rests in, while respecting the principles of lean and green construction. Into this design went countless hours of research and studies that concluded the best form for the terrain and climate, while keeping the home warm, heart-lifting and bright.
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HARDWOOD WALLS that are fine sanded, stained and sealed termite resistant
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Floor, Walls, Ceiling Local Hardwood Construction
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ROUND SHAPE HOME • Allows plenty of airflow inside (less corners to idle air to contract mold and mildew) • Minimizes shadows and allows plenty of light inside • Allows outside breeze to wrap around house for cooling effect • Organic, warm environment: “House shaped like a hug” • Strong circular form (each panel leans against the adjacent ones, like a whiskey barrel) • Everything is within reach
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LARGE 30’ SKYLIGHT MAKES FOR A PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE • Light deters mold and mildew • Provides less needs to run electric lighting • Stays brighter at dusk and during rains
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VERY WELL FILTERED RAINWATER HARVESTING SYSTEM • 3-stage screening/filtering downstream before cistern • 8,500 gallon two-chamber cistern (intake 18” above cistern floor for cleanest flow through) • Sediment filter after cistern, then end all ceramic filtration • Overkill system for rain catchment, especially with Belize’s jungle rains

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