Belize Waterfront Cottage

List Price US$195,000

Open-Concept Layout – This home was designed with an open concept for the entire home. There is a partial wall between the bedroom and living area. When you enter via the front entrance you will step inside the kitchen. The bedroom is located on the left with bathroom and the shower has a half-round partition wall. The toilet is covered from view from the bedroom.

Square Footage – 627 sq. ft. including a small balcony big enough for 2 lawn chairs and a priceless view! There is a wraparound balcony to the side where the washing machine is located. Materials used in construction: brick and cement; cement roof with blue skylights (3); the house is architecturally rounded off.

Bedroom: Bedroom has a hanging bed that is included. Home is fitted with double screens and a lot of windows to provide excellent cross-ventilation.

Project categories: Belize Eco Home, Houses for Sale

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