Get while the gettin’ is good. Take the first step to secure your Better in Belize lot. If you are interested in buying a lot, don’t delay. Reserve it today. Our Belize community is growing, owner by owner, and there are fewer lots available today than there were yesterday!

Plans are being made, houses are going up and people are moving in. These are exciting times. However, the more the merrier is what we say. Let’s raise the energy level. Become our neighbor. Reserving your lot is the first, risk-free step to joining the neighborhood. $500 USD gets you started.

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A US$500 refundable (less bank charges/wiring fees) deposit secures your lot for 30 days or until you visit Better in Belize, in person, whichever comes first. Once we receive your lot reservation, we’ll contact you to guide you through the lot reservation and purchasing process. All transactions are in US $ (US Dollars).

We will work with you to ensure that you get the best remaining lot to fit your sustainable-living vision.

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