Meet Our New Owners! | Better In Belize Ecovillage
Gina and Marvin!

Read Gina’s firsthand account of “their journey to Better in Belize”.

“We first traveled to Belize in May 2018 and spent two weeks exploring the cayes, Belize City, and Cayo District. On the final night of their trip, Marvin proposed to me. This solidified our love for Belize.

During our time in Belize, we met amazing locals and expats alike. The country is beautiful, the people are so friendly, the food is delicious, and the weather! It was upon our return to the states that we actually became “homesick for Belize”. The hustle and bustle of the USA was so uninviting compared to the wonderful atmosphere of Belize. It was in June 2018 that we decided that Belize is where we were going to retire.

Marvin retired in December 2018 and I have a remote position that I can do from anywhere in the world. We decided that after our wedding on February 16, 2019, we would travel to Belize for a honeymoon and stay for 30 days in order to check out more specific areas to either rent or buy. I found Better in Belize EcoVillage online and secured the wonderful Tree Tops rental for the month of March 2019.

“Everyone on staff at the eco-village was so helpful and accommodating,” said Marvin, “Jorge met us at the rental and then gave us the Better in Belize Tour.” We immediately fell in love with the jungle, the cooler temperatures, the flora and fauna, the sounds of the birds and monkeys. Within 48 hours we had met many of the Better in Belize (BIB) owners and we felt we were home. However, due to our analytical and logical personalities, we spent the next 2 weeks looking at over a dozen properties in the Cayo District, however, every time we drove back to Better in Belize, it felt like home. Better in Belize really is a community of family with like minds with open hearts ~ Better in Belize is Belonging!

After three weeks of time at the eco-village, we decided to purchase Lots 33 & 34 with plans for a pallet home with a HomeBioGas System (this eliminates septic). The build will begin in May 2019, just one year after our initial visit to Belize.  We have become Belizers!!”

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