Lot #96 is a phenomenal 0.84-acre, multi-unit lot located on scenic Forest Hill Drive in our community. Build your own “eco-palace” or construct up to 6 units on this heavily treed lot. Some of the hardwood trees on this lot include Santa Maria, Bull Hoof trees, Cohune, and Sapodilla. This large lot is located beside a lot with a lovely cabin and has the added feature of siding onto green space which is a garden. At the edge of Lot #96, at the roadside, there is a direct drop of about 5′ to 6′ and then the lot is almost flat, with a very slight pitch of 7 to 8 degrees for a distance of about 60′ to 70′. From that mark, there is a 45 to 50-degree slope uphill to the lot boundary. Solar exposure: approximately 5 hours/daily. This lot would nicely accommodate “flat” or “stilts” construction.

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