Live it up, privacy lovers! Large ¾-acre Rainforest Lot for Sale in Belize!

Buy a private and secluded lot in an established community in Belize! This large ¾-acre Belize lot for sale enjoys a superior location in the community along Toucan Trail. Within an easy stroll to the community garden, you can enjoy the weekly garden share, potluck gatherings, and bonfire singalongs. Off-grid living in Belize at its best! View a YouTube video of this lot here!

This Belize lot for sale has a welcoming and enchanting vibe – nestled in a tropical landscape of Belize hardwood trees such as bull hoof trees, sapodilla, and black poisonwood. Some clearing has been undertaken on this Belize rainforest lot. A series of terraces add to the picturesque terrain of this property in Belize – you can incorporate these terraces in the unique design of your custom-built Belize home.

The topography of this Belize rainforest lot encompasses a flatter terrain along the front of the property and then slopes up at about a 15-degree pitch. Limestone boulders on this property in Belize could be incorporated into a dynamic natural landscape. Awesome! This off-grid property for sale in Belize offers solar exposure of about 6 hours daily.

The Best Place to Live in Belize? Lot #6, Toucan Trail, Better in Belize EcoVillage! Make it yours! Reserve Lot #6 today. You can reserve this lot in Belize with a US$500 refundable deposit.* We offer a simple and transparent purchasing process. Ask us!

*some conditions apply.

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