This heavily and densely treed Belize rainforest lot is located in a good location along Forest Hill Drive close to our lower gardens. Lot 92 has an approximate 60-foot, gentle slope building area and then slopes up towards the back green space.  With a bit of excavator work and/or creative design, you could capitalize on another 10 to 20 feet of building space on this Belize lot.

Don’t lose out on a future safe haven! You can purchase a Better in Belize lot safely and remotely.

Mature trees on this Better in Belize rainforest lot include cohune trees, bayleaf, bull hoof, and milady trees. This 0.61-acre Belize lot for sale is located very close to the walkway to Vaca Lake, a 5-mile lake that straddles Better in Belize. Located in the most popular building area of our Belize village. Numerous homes have been built in the immediate vicinity of this Better in Belize lot. Solar exposure about 4 hours daily.

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