Explore Better in Belize EcoVillage! Visit our fabulous off-grid community in Belize and see a Bean Bale Cottage, Dome Home, Earth Bag Homes, Hilltop Cabins, Top of the Mayan Circle, our Lower Milpa and our Garden Share Spot! Wander down Forest Hill Drive, Riverview Drive and Parrots Cove. Climb to the top of Rainbow’s Roost, our ridgeview lookout. Mosey along the road to the river and cast off to view the waterfalls and dam along Vaca Lake – the 5 1/2-mile lake straddling our Belize ecovillage. Spot the wildlife and bird life – howler monkeys, anhingas and hummingbirds! Witness the splendor of the Maya Mountains. Thanks to Susanne Jefferson, videographer extraordinaire!

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