The Local Jungle

This is nature in her most powerful form – the biodiverse jungles of the most biodiverse country in Central America, Belize. No, it’s not the tooth and nail that people identify with “jungle” life, though you must respect it. Feel free to wander, day or night, and absorb the power you feel in this very […]

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The Waterfalls

There are three independently unique, picturesque waterfalls near Better in Belize, all with their own idiosyncrasies. You’ll need a boat to get to two of them, and you can swim to one of them, but it is all well worth it. There are no trails or roads that go to these beauties. There is only […]

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The Macal River

This river starts in the forest reserve near Better in Belize EcoVillage. It is the watershed for the reserve area which is fed by springs and small creeks. There are three hydroelectric dams along the Macal River before it merges with the Mopan River that comes from Guatemala to form the Belize River. With our […]

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