You Better Belize It!

House Hunters Off The Grid“Hardworking physician Francesco and his wife, registered nurse Mari, need a break from running their own clinic. After a vacation to an eco-village in Belize, they were inspired to find their own low footprint home off the grid. But after putting off the search because of their grueling work schedule, Francesco and Mari knew it was now or never, so they asked their son and his girlfriend Alicia to find them a home in the Macal River Valley. Wes is trying to balance his dad’s request for a practical house with his moms desire for a creative style home. Deciding to live simply with nature is one thing, but Wes isn’t just isn’t sure how off the grid he can leave his parents.”

Showtimes and broadcast info:

US broadcast

The show will air on the HGTV network at 10pm eastern on September 11th and again at 1am eastern on September 12th. Click here for further info about Better in Belize Ecovillage broadcast on HGTV.

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Canada broadcast

No air date is set yet, however they have begun showing episodes from this season, so it should be coming up soon. You can check the HGTV Canada website.

View listings of all the House Hunters Off the Grid episodes broadcast in Canada.
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Eventually, the Better in Belize Ecovillage House Hunters Off the Grid episode will be available on iTunes for sale.

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